How technology has impacted our society?

Project Overview

In our new day and age of constantly advancing technology and as we day by day become more and more dependent on this technology. Has all this new technology and our dependence on it ever made you wonder if it has made us lazy compared to how we were before we had all this technology.

I became interested in this topic when I noticed just how much I use technology in my day to day life. From my electric toothbrush in the morning to my phone and the car I use to get place to place. And I have always had a great interest in the new technology that come out. So I felt that this was a very good and interesting topic for me and the internet community.

I plan to investigate my topic through gathering information through books on the study of why we are getting lazy. I also plan on using a various array of technology sites that report on the newest technology that comes out. I also plan on using sites that don’t have any real credibility like Wikipedia so I can get good ideas and then I will further research those ideas on my credible places. I ultimately aim to at the end of this report to have a great knowledge of the new technology that is coming out and to find a definitive answer to if technology is making us lazy.