How technology has impacted our society?

The positive and negative effects of technology.

Society today is constantly dictated and changed by the latest and greatest technology that is available. Our society has been changed so much in the past one hundred years because of technology. It has improved our society dramatically; it has improved our life and made our life’s easier (Graves, James). But technology hasn’t just impacted our lives and society in a good way it has also hurt our society in many ways as well (Technology Plusses and Minuses).

            To fully understand how technology has improved and yet also hurt our society the knowledge needed to know what technology is. defines it as “the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their  interrelation with life,society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects industrial  arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science (Define Technology).” Even with this definition Technology is very hard to define as it is in a constant state of change every time a new invention is created. Technology is ever changing and it has been ever since God first created us it has been growing and advancing. Although in the last one or two century’s, our technology has been advancing at an exponentially high rate. One example of this rapid growth is in Moore's Law “which states that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every 24 months--has been the guiding principle of the high-tech industry since it was coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965.” (Kanellos, Michael)With this prediction continuing to be true computers that was bought one or two years ago is now out of date and obsolete. This can be very bad for our society because it is stretching people’s money forcing people that would normally just be fine with what computer they had to go out and buy the biggest and best technology so they can feel like they are a part of our technologically focused society. This is how our rapidly advancing technology is hurting our society.

            Another way that technology has negatively affected our society is with the invention of the cell phone our society was changed so dramatically that it impacted most things people do. The cell phone has hurt our society in three distinctive ways. The first way was it reduced self-reliance, it has decreased our time management skills and the final way is it hurt our ability to communicate to one another. The cell phone is hurting our self relines because it makes any help that someone might need at the end of our finger tips. With the cell phone if someone has a problem they can just call for help Instead of trying to find a solution for it on our own. The next way the cell phone is affecting our society negatively is it is decreasing our time management skills. People dependent on cell phones begin to give less consideration to those details that allow them to operate in a smooth and efficient manner. And without this need to have everything planed out ahead makes for more time wasted on the job trying to figure things out that weren’t made clear in the beginning creating more time lost then if they had just planned it out properly before instead of on the job. The final way the cell phone is hurting our society is it is affecting our ability to communicate to one another. One example is texting with texting you can have a full conversation with someone or even make a new so called friend ship with someone that you have not even met before. The cell phone is taking away our need to have a physical relationship with someone. These are just a few of the reasons why the cell phone is hurting our society (Newton, Aaron).

Technology is also improving our society in many ways. One example of how Technology is improving our society is in our agriculture. Society has made many very helpful inventions that have utterly revolutionized the way agriculture is done. One invention that revolutionized the farm was the harvester. The harvester was made so that it would be quicker more efficient and less labor intensive to grow and harvest crops (Agriculture and Technology).

 So with less labor needed to grow crops the cost of groceries went down and the overall economy got better. And then with less people needed to work the fields many people have moved to the cities where there were many more jobs and an easier access to supplies. And with the cities growing in size and popularity the quality of life for many was increased. This is how technology has improved our quality of life (Technology Changes).

             But there are many other ways that technology is improving our society. Technology is making it so that there is an easier way for the poor to gain wealth. Before the age of information technology, the rich people had exclusive access to information that could be exploited. It kept the poor in the dark so they could not get the secrets to success in business and thus making the rich remain rich and the poor remain poor. With the invention of the internet it made the information more accessible to the poor witch made it so there is less of a gap and increasing the middle class. This is just another of the many ways that technology is improving our society (Is Technology Improving Our Lives).

            Technology has affected our society in many ways but as you have seen technology has improved our society and also hurt our society in many ways. The ways technology is impacting our lives today is staggering (How Does Technology Affect Society). Either in how it improved our quality of life, or helped the impoverished to gain wealth or even when it has hurt our society like how its making our society want more materialist items that people don’t need and finally how the cell phone is destroying our society in many ways.